If you can take a picture, you can create a spherecast

Virtual Tours

Upload or import photospheres to create a tour of different places. Guide your viewers through the tour by adding voiceovers, and place hotspots that present details about different parts of each scene.

Immersive Storybooks

Tell a story by turning illustrations into virtual reality scenes, sharing your own narration, and adding ambient sound effects. Let readers experience your stories and books in a new and exciting way.

Art Projects

Showcase art portfolios by letting Spherecast stitch together multiple images into a 360° scene. Get creative and draw your own panoramic scene, or have your students collaborate and illustrate scenes together.

Lectures and Webinars

Add a PowerPoint into your project, and spice up your presentation with panoramas, charts, and videos. Share the Spherecast link with others and stream a live presentation to your audience.

Photo Gallery

Keep your collections of photos and videos from family vacations, class reunions, and other important events in your life. Share them with others and on personal web sites in an entertaining VR format.

Games and Quests

With hotspots and events in your scene, you can track progress and actions players have taken. Create objectives and puzzles, and open scenes only when certain objectives have been reached as players strive toward a final goal.

Hidden Pictures

Upload a hidden picture, create hotspots in your scene, and let other people find the hidden objects. Add events that play music and load new scenes when objects are found.

Live Events

Set up a 360° camera at your concert, conference, meeting or other event, and invite virtual participants to join in. Viewers can even pay event fees to attend through Spherecast's credit card processing system.

Video Surveillance

Install a 360° camera in your home or office and set up a private spherecast that you can access from any computer or mobile device. Record and archive your videos for later retrieval.

Multi-Device Support

Participants can view photospheres on virtual reality headsets like Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard (mobile device required*), or view on any computer, phone or tablet without VR support.

* iOS 8+, Android OS 2.2+, or BlackBerry OS 10+ is needed to view mobile spherecasts with Google Cardboard (or other phone-based VR headsets).
For desktop browsers, please use the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer.

Language Learning

A demo illustrating one way Spherecast can be used to teach German.

Ocean Exploration

Join these scuba divers and explore the magnificent wonders of the ocean.